Wines of France

Wine is one of the most refined and appreciated beverages around the world. Namely, after the Vatican, the highest concentration of wine lovers is in France. In fact, a French person consumes an average of 50 liters per year.
In addition, France also has the largest wine production in the world. You will find several regions producing this beverage in this country. Want to know more about it? Focus on the wines of France!

Evolution of wine and vineyards in France

The cultivation of vines is one of the oldest in France. In the beginning, before the seventh millennium, the vine was wild. Later, the culture was better mastered and tamed.
Asia was the first country to perfectly domesticate viticulture. Then, it was the Greeks who took over. Namely that the culture of the vine evolves within Europe thanks to the Greeks. Southern Italy was one of the European countries to welcome the culture of wine. Then, it appeared within France. And finally, it finally conquered Spain and the Atlantic.

Marseille is the region that first hosts a French vineyard plantation. This took place in the year 600 BC. Later, the invasion of the Romans allowed vine cultivation to spread further from north to south. Just as this extension also took place from east to west. Thus, viticulture took an important place in the life of the Rhone Valley farmers during the first century.
During the following century, the culture of the vine invaded Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire. At the end of the Roman period, vineyards begin to take root everywhere and reach the northern borders. Wines from many regions of France quickly took over the national market.
In 1492, when America was discovered, the culture of French wine developed outside of Europe. The wines of France quickly seduced the taste buds of Americans in the North and South. In fact, today, France is the second best wine producer on all five continents.

Wine production by the great vineyards of France

Wines from France are reputed among the most sought-after quality products in the world. They possess original aromas and singular flavors. Indeed, the reputation of French wines is essentially due to the great diversity of products on the market.
meilleur vin rouge de France
Wine production in the heart of France is spread over several regions. On average, more than thirty large vineyards are listed. Among these places renowned for the production of wine in optimal quality and quantity, you will find :

  • The vineyards of Alsace: Alsace is the most popular region in France for exceptional vintage wines such as Gewurztraminer or Riesling. Thanks to the great estates, the wines of Alsace are distinguished by a certain typicity.

Vignoble bordelais

  • Thevineyards of Savoy: The Savoyard vineyards are unique. Moreover, the grape varieties found there, such as jacquère and poulsard, make it possible to obtain special wines intended for the great tables. The wines of Savoie are among the quality wines in the heart of France. Among the most renowned products, you will find Abymes and white wines.
  • The vineyards of Bordeaux: the reputation of Bordeaux wines is known throughout the four corners of the world. Everybody knows and never stops talking about the products from the Bordeaux vineyards. Whether in starred restaurants, wine fairs, auctions, great restaurants, Bordeaux wines are famous. These products are distinguished by their complexity and elegance.

Cépages de vin en Corse

  • The vineyards of Corsica: Corsica is also one of the great wine-producing regions of France. Moreover, it produces nearly 14.3 million bottles a year. Among these products from Corsican vineyards, about 21% are organically grown.

Consumption and tasting of French wine

Among the different types of wines on the market, red wine is gaining the first place. Indeed, it surpasses other forms of wine in the world of French consumption. Namely, a large number of wine lovers appreciate red wine more. It seduces the taste buds of many consumers. According to some statistics, the French drink on average 60% red, 25% rosé and 16% white.
Préférer les vins de France

Our suggestions of red wines to taste

Red wine thus holds an essential place in the world of wine consumption in France. Moreover, among the most famous products, one should not hesitate to taste :

  • A Margaux 2015: it is a product from the vineyards of Bordeaux. This vintage distinguishes itself perfectly from the other wines of France by its quality and its richness. Moreover, it has a fruity aroma and a subtle vanilla flavor.
  • A Château d’Argadens 2014: this red wine also comes from Bordeaux vineyards. Moreover, it is strongly proposed in several great restaurants in France.
  • AChâteau Breillan 2015: this product from the upper Médoc offers exceptional flavors in the mouth. When tasting this wine, you will feel the tannic touch that makes it so special.

Consuming wines that have a history

French wines have a great history. Their appearance dates back several years. Moreover, the history of French wines is strongly linked to the history of the country. Namely, they appeared in France during antiquity. The first vines were brought by the Greeks. To learn more about this subject, our experts will explain in detail thehistory of the vineyard and the wine.

Tasting wines of France, quite an art!

To fully appreciate French wines, you must learn the art of grand cru tastingHow to taste a wine well ? An interesting question! Knowing how to taste a wine is not complicated. There is a particular approach to follow that many wine lovers know perfectly well. What is it? To find out, here is our guide on wine tasting.

Refer to the experts to know the best wines of France

French wines are numerous. Indeed, there are several varieties of wines from France. Each of them is different in terms of quality and the region where they are produced. But how to make the difference? How to get to know the best French wines? The answer is simple. To learn more about France’s exceptional wines, simply consult the opinions of experts in the field. Discover our comparison of the best wines by region in France.
In addition to referring to the suggestions of professionals, it is advisable to inform oneself about everything you need to know about wines. This helps to find and choose the best products. But not only that, it also allows you toappreciate the chosen wines more. Our experts will share with you all their knowledge and experience of wine in the guides around the wines and vineyards of France.

Differentiating the many varieties of wines in France

In France, there is a great diversity of wines. Several characteristics distinguish each French wine. First of all, there is the question of grape varieties. Indeed, the raw materials used to make wine make all the difference. Namely, there are more than fifty grape varieties in the many vineyards in France. Pinot noir et blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Muscat, Merlot… To learn more about these plants, discover our article on all about grape varieties.
Finally, one of the characteristics that differentiate wines made in France is the region of production. Indeed, the territory where the wine is elaborated makes it possible to distinguish one product from another. Would you like to know more about it? Our experts will tell you more wines by region.

Diversity of wines in France

The varied appellations allow to differentiate the many varieties of French wines. Moreover, the diversity of French wine is due to the appearance of wine appellations in France. These names of the vineyards of France generally include IGP, AOP, AOC… But not only that, French wines are also diversifying thanks to the numerous terroirs, wine basins, different types of wines. Red, white, rosé, yellow, amber..

Important: today, there is a rather special category of wines. These are the organic wines. This type of wine is produced according to the principles of organic agriculture. A part of the vineyards in France have switched to the cultivation of organic vines.
Cépage blanc

Buy wines from France

Currently, French wines are available on the local, national and international market. It is possible to buy wine within the producing region. Indeed, consumers can buy wines directly from the winegrowers’ estates.
But not only, French wines are also distributed nationally. Consumers, regardless of their location in France, can find the different varieties of French wines in supermarkets. In addition to this point of distribution, they can also buy their wines online. Finally, for foreign consumers, they can also buy French wines through the internet. Our experts explain to you all you need to know about buying wine.

⭐Quels are the best wines in France?

In France, there are hundreds of excellent wines. Among the best, you can choose between the Beaujolais wine of Domaine Louis Claude Desvignes, the Jura wine of Maison Pierre Overnoy, Château Grillet du Rhône, Domaine de Terrebrune de la Provence.

⭐Quel is the best rosé wine in France?

If you want to drink a good rosé produced by the vineyards of France, you have several possibilities. In France, it is possible to access a wide selection of exceptional rosé wines. The Château d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé 2018, the Domaine Ott Clos Mireille Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017, the Hampton Water Rosé 2017...

Does a wine producer exist in France?

France is currently identified as the second most wine producing country in the world. Nearly 40 million hectoliters of wine are produced every year. This country is home to nearly 76,000 wineries.

⭐Quelles are the wine routes in France?

According to a study on the subject, about ten wine routes have been registered in the heart of France. The wine routes in Corsica, Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Beaujolais, Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire Valley, Champagne.

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